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SSN-Verify provides an array of Social Security Number search and lookup tools. Below is a list of our top tools to lookup when, where, and to whom an SSN was issued. These tools give you full access to our SSN database.

SSN Search

SSN Search

SSN-Verify's powerful Social Security Number Search Tool is a free tool that allows you to see when and where a number was issued. Use this tool to verify if a social security number has been issued.

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SSN Lookup

SSN Look

Our SSN Lookup tool lets you do an reverse lookup of Social Security Numbers based on where and when the number was issued.

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Bulk SSN Validation

Bulk SSN Verification

The Bulk SSN Verification tool lets you search large batches of Socials instantly. Check and verify thousands of SSNs at once. Provides the same information as the individual SSN Search Tool.

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SSN Generator

SSN Generator

Free Social Security Number Generator creates random valid Socials from a given state and year. Get started generating SSNs now!

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